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About Us

KYETE BIINGI TAI NYEME with an acronym of “KBTN” is one of the Congolese native languages translated as “shared load is always light”.

It was founded by Barak Benedict and co-founded by Mbilizi Kalombo in 2020 but officially registered on 15th February 2021 as a refugee led community based organization by Isingiro district local government.

Barak Benedic,
Mission & Vision


Enabling the refugee communities’ groom morally upright, self-sustaining, God fearing and responsible human beings through livelihood and environmental friendly activities.


A sustainable and resilient refugee community whose vulnerable peoples have a serene environment, improved standards of living and fruitful generation.
To restore African cultural and traditional values by engaging the refugee youth in both livelihood and environmental protection activities to make them self-reliant and responsible persons in the community transformation process.
Great Staff
Our carers respond every time with a big warm smile.
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What we Do

Seed Banks & Exchange Program

Project team training was attended by the 9 employees of the organisation specifically explain the project context, for the VACs training. This was specifically a capacity building training to with the purpose of reinforcing the beneficiaries selection process, ease monitoring and evaluation as well as build a more organised beneficiaries committees.

During our first phase of distribution, up to 7 tons and 2.5 tons of quality bean seeds and maize seeds respectively were given to 305 identified and selected vulnerable refugee households each 23kg of bean seeds and 8kg of maize seeds which will be paid back after they harvested and we redistribute to another group of beneficiaries.

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